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How FAR back do you need to go to know what impacts you today?

I haven’t been doing the five minute Friday link ups as often or as regularly as I’d like.  Last year I started working on a Bible Study that I hope to get out into the world this year.  But I am not as FAR along as I’d hoped to be.  Work and home obligations, family events, holidays and of course procrastination have all provided excuses to push that project farther out into the future. But as we are not too FAR into the new year, Im running on the energy of New Year’s resolutions, new starts and being snowed in, to hopefully build (and not lose) momentum on this project.   

In my day job, as a therapist, I want to help people KNOW-HEAL and GROW. Know the things that impact them, heal from the wounds that come with living in a broken world and growing their personal and relational lives to become the person they were meant to be.  

While personal history and generational patterns do impact our lives. I wanted to reach as FAR back into history, ancient history, to KNOW and address the reason’s why we truly find ourselves in the predicament we as humans find ourselves in, hurt, broken, in broken relationship and living in a broken world.  

I believe that if we don’t understand the story for which we find ourselves, we are going to have a difficult time understanding our place in it and even what in the world is happening to us. And some even wonder if God is  good or even there at all.  In order to start to make sense of it all, we have to grasp what the beginning of our human history tells us about ourselves, our God,  our enemy and our environment.  

So my bible study is simply a look at Genesis 1-3.  I am hoping to cast a fresh light into the players in the scenes of these chapters and how they impact us each today. I am also attempting to weave in some activities  that will help people experience God’s love and maybe a bit of healing and hope.  

So stay tuned, I am hoping that I will have more information soon. If you'd like to stay up to date, please sign up for my newsletter.  But I am hoping to be posting more often as I’m not going to get very FAR if I don’t keep writing.

This post has been part of the Five Minute Friday community which writes for five minutes on a given prompt. Today-(if you haven’t guessed it the prompt is FAR)  If you’d like to join this community and be inspired to grow in your writing life, you can check out more information here.  

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Good luck with the Bible Study! I haven't participated in 5-minute Friday in a loooooong time. Have a great weekend!

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