Premarital Workshops

When two people come together for marriage, it is important for them to Know-their expectations, personality traits, communication styles and how those differences both enhance a marriage and can create areas of needed awareness and growth.They may need to explore personal areas in need of HEALing  Couples will learn to communicate to resolve conflict in healthy manner and explore some of the common areas that can be issues in marriage so that they can GROW together to create a marriage of deep love, intimacy, trust and companionship

Emotional Intelligence For Children

Help give children the best start in life. Emotional intelligence is often more important than intellectual intelligence for success in life, particularly in dealing with relationships.  Helping children KNOW how to identify and express emotions as well as tune in to the emotions of others contributes to future success in coping with stressful situations, understanding and empathizing with others point so view and problem solving. These skills are necessary for building healthy relationships in school and later in the family and worklife. This workshop is for parents and teachers who want the tools to teach children how to indentify and express emotions in a healthy way to give them necessary skills  that will last a lifetime and profoundly impact their current and future relationships. 

Marriage Support Topics
  • Marriages also can go through the transformational process of Metanoia. ..

  • When couples strive to KNOW each other better and understand what they themselves bring to the marriage environment from their past. 

  • When couples work together to HEAL past wounds both within and from the outside of the marriage

  • When couples strive to GROW together and nurture a healthy vibrant marriage making meaning out of their experiences. True transformation can take place

     This workshop is great for church small groups. marriage          retreats and  any couples seeking growth and healing in          their marriage.

Teen Girls Support Group

​Teen girls are under so much pressure these days to live up to impossible standards. The journey for Metanoia for them begins with helping them know and accept their strengths, heal from painful relationships and negative messages and grow to be who they were designed to be.  Group offered periodically and upon request to churches, schools, groups

Stress & Anxiety Coping Skills

 Developing resiliency to cope with stressors and pressures.  Anxiety is at an all-time high. Stress can seem to become an obstacle in our path to growth. This workshop helps people deal with common stressors, and understand how to develop coping skills related to the ability to manage and/or reduce the impact of stress. And to use the positive aspects of stress to build momentum to achieve goals necessary to personal growth

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