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When life slows you down

In my little corner of the world, it is winter. Not only is it currently winter, but we are under a winter storm warning. Nearly the entire town is shut down. There is much excitement about this, as it is rare except for holidays for businesses to be shut down. Our county has issued an alert to stay home and stay indoors. It begs the question, what do you do when life puts a temporary end to our plans? Life is like that sometimes, if not the weather, it is illness or an accident, an unforeseen event that blocks our intentions. When the unpredictable happens it is those who are flexible who handle it the best. Flexibility is in part innate personality trait and part preparedness. If we have margin in our life, reserves in our cupboards, or we make room for the hiccups in life that invariably happen, we are prepared to enjoy the positive aspects of our predicaments. So I'm hunkered down at home. Not what I'd planned for today, but not so bad either. I am working on catching up on some reading, some cleaning, some writing. I'm enjoying watching the beautiful snow from inside today. I am enjoying one of winter's delightful surprises, the invitation to slow down and cozy up!

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