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What are you so afraid of?

Why then, if Metanoia is such a beneficial process, are not more people is the process of becoming their true authentic self? There are many obstacles to this kind of growth and one of the biggest is fear. When we have been wounded, it hurts to touch the wound, to even stitch it up or to put healing salve on it. Our wounds are a sign of our vulnerabilitly and sometimes its just easier not to face the pain. Surely there are rewards in pretending that everything is okay. We utilize many defense mechanisms that keep up from feeling pain, justification, projecting blame or numbing the pain through some sort of addiction, or escaping or avoiding. Surely these things help us not to feel the pain of the wounds we've experienced. But though there is the reward of perceived comfort and safety, the cost of never becoming our true self is too high of a price for those who seek to live as their true authentic self.

Question to consider- What are you using to avoid the pain that is necessary in the process of healing?

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