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20 items on my summer "playlist"

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

We are cruising through summer at lightning speed, have you created your summer "playlist" yet?

When I say playlist, I don't mean the soundtrack to your summer, although that is not a bad idea to add a playlist to your summer playlist. What I mean is your PLAYLIST. The list of things you want to do to absorbe as much enjoyment out of summer as possible.

We can get so busy with life, and work and family obligations that we forget to live in the moment and enjoy the season. It's easy if you plan something big like a vacation, but I am talking about the small day to day things that make a season special. And summer is one of those seasons that is brimming with activities that can bring joy. It's the small things we do to replenish the well that can help us become more tolerant and resilient to the stressors in life.

I have my playlist but I hope it inspires you to create your own. Your's might include boating, or camping or fishing, or biking or running. Your geographical location may offer different activities than mine.And your season of life, whether you are single, have small children, growing children or an empty nester like me, will definitly impact your playlist. Whatever the season offers up for you to fill your cup, I hope you will take advantage. The things we do to re-create are the things that can help us become more productive, more creative and more available to the responsibilites of life. For me, it's about enjoying the great outdoors as much as possible!

Here is my list. And since I am currently finishing up a STAY-cation I've been enjoying several of these lately

  1. Go for beachwalks

  2. Go hiking in local parks

  3. Pick berries at a U-Pick farm

  4. grow a vegatable garden and cook from the harvest

  5. grow a cut flower garden and make bouquets from the harvest

  6. raise monarch butterflies

  7. make homemade strawberry shortcake and homemade blueberry pie

  8. visit farmers market and try something new

  9. enjoy sidewalk sales in the quaint little towns around me

  10. enjoy outdoor art and craft festivals

  11. attend outdoor concerts

  12. participate in library summer reading program and read books in the hammock

  13. go to a drive in movie

  14. kayak

  15. swim in the lake

  16. go to local festivals. (our town has The Coast Guard Festival end of July, beginning of August

  17. Watch fireworks

  18. Create a summer music playlist for background music and eat dinner on the back deck as often as possible

  19. Picnic on the beach

  20. Host cookouts for family and friends.

I hope this list has inspired you, much of this cost little if nothing, except a little intentionality. I find that life can be busy, difficult, surprising, stressful at times, and our ability to intentionally create pockets of joy, refreshment and peace can give us the boost we need to better manage life's challenges.

Let me know in the comments what’s on YOUR summer playlist!

This has been a post for the FMF writing community. A community of writers that write for 5 minutes on a writing prompt. Today's prompt is TWENTY.

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2 Kommentare

Rachel Mendell
Rachel Mendell
12. Juli 2022

Wonderful idea! Yes! it did inspire me. Thank you so much. #1. get back into writing. lots and lots. #2. Listen to the songs that inspired me as a teen - today it's Bread's Mother Freedom - Man! that got me motivated for the day!! #3. Get started on that paint by number ...

Gefällt mir

Paula Short
Paula Short
09. Juli 2022

Wendy, this is certainly a creative play list. Thank you for sharing. Blessings

FMF #2

Gefällt mir
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