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Children of Light

Ephesians 5-8 For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light

Old habits are hard to break. I've been trying to set my alarm to wake up an hour ealier to give myself time to prepare my mind, heart, spirit and body for the day. But invariably I hit the snooze longing for more time for warmth and slumber during the cold dark winter months.

It wasn't always like that, I used to wake up early with my children when they had to get up for school it was an easy habit. But slowely over the years my habits have changes and I find myself getting up later and later over the years.

I have found that it's not easy to stop old habits, they need to be replaced with new healthy habits. That is why I created a morning routine of healthy habits, to hopefully motivate myself to give up my sleep habit. It takes time.

I bring this up because our ability to live as children of the light means replacing the habits attitudes, thought practices that are of the dark with those that represent light. Many times when I work with my clients they are frustrated with how hard it is to actually change behaviors. And I'll always remark that when you take something away, you create a void that once served a purpose. You have to replace that void with something healthier if you are to make a lasting change. I'll test it by saying "Whatever you do right now do not think of a pink hippo." It is impossible to tell yourself to stop thinking of something. You invariably start telling yourself to think of that which you are trying not to think of. Instead you replace the thought with something else. By giving your mind something else to focus on, you distract and redirect your attention. You can do that with your intentions to.

When you are called to be children of the light, you will want to fill your minds, spirit, body and heart with that which brings light. For me it starts with morning routine of devotions, prayer/meditation, exercise, and healthy breakfast... oh yeah and coffee. It doesn't always happen as I'd like but I will keep at it until it becomes habit. What is it for you, that keeps you focused on being a child of the light?

This post is part of the Five minute Friday community. Today's prompt was Once. Check out the community here

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2 комментария

Wendy Elzinga
Wendy Elzinga
13 февр. 2021 г.

Suzette , it sounds like you have a great start to a good morning routine. I keep pursuing even though I’ve not been perfectly able to obtain my goals but I’ll keep at it!


Suzette Katopodes
Suzette Katopodes
12 февр. 2021 г.

Hi Wendy. That is a fabulous picture! Lately, I've been reading through the Gospels and YouVersion 5-day devotionals in the morning. I'm really enjoying it. And I would love to add exercise and a healthy breakfast. I'm not there yet it's worth pursuing.

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