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Give Him your eyes

Updated: May 9, 2020

As a therapist, I sometimes work with parents who have children with Ad/hd. And one of the tools I will teach them in order to help them to parent an easily distracted child more effectively is to make sure they have their child's attention before addressing them. This is especially important if the child is engaged in an activity. They are instructed to say "give me your eyes" "I need to see your eyes" or just "look at me." When a parent has their child's eye contact they know that they have their child's attention. After that, they can communicate effectively with their child. But if they talk to a child who is engaged in another activity, their words are like jibberish in the background, the words don't register.

How many of us are attention impaired in God's view? Maybe there needs to be a removal of the distractions in our life, even the good ones, like get togethers, celebrations, traveling, shopping so that God can gently lift our face to his and say "Give me your eyes. Listen, I have important things to say to you." perhaps he wants you to recognize and absorb the compassion and love reflected in His own eyes, perhaps he needs to speak to you in a way you could never hear above the noise and busyness of life in order to transform you, to grow you, to offer a way to Metanoia.

Many people are struggling with issues of anxiety and depression during this whole time of social distancing. And understandably so, we were made for community. We were made to exercise our wonderful gifts in this world. But maybe this is an opportinity like never before to focus on One who wants to bring you hope and joy in all circumstances. And when we focus on Him maybe what we hear and understand will transform us into being more of who we were meant to be.

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