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KNOW the specific source of pain in your life.

When a person first comes to see me for therapy, they are specifically seeking some help with a pain point in their life. This pain may be mental, emotional and even sometimes a physical pain for which doctors have been unable to find a cause.


Together we embark on a journey to help the individual (or couple) to KNOW, HEAL and GROW.

The knowing is the uncovering of the source of pain, it can be past events, patterns of behavior or relating to others.  It can involve understanding personality traits and patterns for dealing with problems and difficult emotions.


Once we have an understanding of the causes of pain we can start to work on strategies for healing and growth.


While understanding our own events and patterns from our own life and even those of the generations before us is extremely helpful, it is often important to look specifically at what it means to be a broken human in a broken world to get a fuller sense of knowing the source of our pain. Not everyone wants to delve this deep, but for those that do, a deeper understanding of the world we find ourselves in and our human conditions can be discovered. The senseless world we live in starts to make a lot more sense as well as our own brokenness and the brokenness of others.


I’ve been working on a Bible study to come out by the end of the year to help explore the human condition and world we live in in by studying Genesis 1-3. As we travel back to creation and the story of our very first parents, we can start to see how their choice to rebel against God not only brought death to our world but also a myriad of ways that brokenness has it’s impact on us and in us. And when we understand this, we have a better understanding of the healing that is available to all of us and the growth that can come from understanding our part in the grand story that started in the Garden of Eden and continues to this day unfolding toward an ending where final healing takes place and brokenness is no more.


If you would like to know more about this Bible study or to be a part of an online Bible study group, please sign up for my monthly newsletter which will provide more information on when this will be released.


In the meantime, KNOW that your brokenness doesn’t have to define you, it doesn’t have to be the end of your story. Our brokenness is the means to drive us to a Savior who longs to heal and redeem the events that have shaped our lives.


This post has been written in response to a FMF writing prompt Specific. The FMF community is a group of writers that write for 5 minutes each week on a given topic. Here is how to find out more!

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