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The Story of Metanoia

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Metanoia is the process of change. It is the story of becoming. Some call it becoming authentic, some call it becoming real, others...whole. The process involves three broad overlapping stages that will be explored in this blog. The first is Knowing, discovering what shapes you, throughout your life you are exposed to family relationships, personal and historical events, some small, some seismic. And along the way as part of being human, we all get wounded. Knowing is understanding how we have been impacted by the things that form, shape and wound us. Some stop exploring their story here, but others, enter the process of Healing which can take many forms. The most potent form of healing is relational. Those who heal, then Grow. They let the wounds of their world become a catalyst for meaning and become a agent of good in the world. Their wounds propel them to tell their story and spread compassion and healing to others.

Question to consider..What is your story in relationship to the process of Metanoia?

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