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Updated: Oct 12, 2018

At the end of each post I pose questions to consider. Some may choose to journal these questions as they seek the path of Metanoia. The truth it is difficult to enter into the suffering involved in Knowing ( looking at our wounds and those who have wounded us) Healing (doing the tough work of grieving, forgiveness, sacrifice, changing well ingrained familiar patterns, stepping into our discomfort) and Growing..which involves a turning and changing. It is probably completely impossible to enter that path without belief. Belief that the process leads to good, health and wholeness. No one enters a surgical procedure without the hope of positive change. No one faces a difficult conversation without the belief that something good can come out of it. And no one can enter the process of Metanoia without hope. Where does that hope come from? There are those who have gone before us who tell their own story of change. It is part of our collective story told in Campbell's famous hero's journey, where the hero enters adventure, faces a crisis and then emerges victorious. With this template, in place we can see where we too can be the hero as it seems to be wired into our deepest longings

. Is it easy to take the first step based only on belief that good will come of it? No, and many stand on the edge of the dark path, afraid even of that first step. But those that do, accept the challenge of the hero's journey and their lives are never the same. What disbelief do you need to overcome in order to take that first step?

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