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When obstacles get in the way of our distant goals

On the road to Metanoia we want to able to overcome obstacles that keep us stuck. And what do we do if we can see an obstacle in the distance that seems insurmountable or keeps us from even having a clear vision of where we are going. The ability to get from where we are now to where we are going can feel impossible.

But take heart, the place you are going, this distant place where you have finally arrived, where the obstacles you face along the way are now in the rearview mirror and are as distant as your goals are now, is actually made available to you through the journey, not at the end of the journey. It is through the journey that you develop perseverance, problem solving skills and face challenges that refine and shape you. These obstacles are meant to grow you not thwart your progress, but they will thwart you if you see them that way. Obstacles are opportunities to learn and grow and become the person that you are trying to be at the end of your goal. You will find that when you get to that distant place you have been becoming all along what you need to be and doing what you need to do to arrive.

What obstacles are in your path to health, wholeness, or freedom?

Can you begin to view these obstacles instead roadblocks, opportunities to become what you need to become to reach your destination?

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